Demo Day 1

Happy Friday!

To David, demo day is by far the most exciting.  You get to knock walls down, rip stuff up, you know the drill.  Too bad he has a job and missed the entire thing.  I got to hang out at home in between school drop off and pick up and watch (I mean listen to) the progress. I am seriously shocked at how fast our contractor and his crew work.

Before they left, our contractor showed me the progress.  I was holding an exhausted and naked toddler so I feel like I couldn’t really take in everything he was showing me and telling me.  He put some caution tape up and locked the door for the evening so that Eli couldn’t somehow get in.

When David got home from work and found out that they locked the door, he lost his mind.  Well no, that’s an exaggeration, but he spent a good 10 minutes searching the house to find a way to unlock the door.  After much success, we were able to enter for David to swoon over the demo.

With all of the bathroom walls down, the bathroom looks completely different, and ten times bigger and more open.  I am now able to see our vision a lot more. So helpful.

DSC_0002The inside of our closets are gone.  The other side of this wall is the nursery- most specifically the wall that Dax’s crib is against. How he napped for almost 2 hours when they were knocking everything out of there is beyond me!DSC_0004DSC_0005Carpet is out and ready to build our new closet.DSC_0007Our view into the bathroomDSC_0009Where the tub used to be.DSC_0011DSC_0016Tub and toilet are gone!DSC_0018Old walk in closet.DSC_0021Previous single vanity.DSC_0022Toilet area- how I miss looking out the window while using the bathroom!DSC_0023View into the master bedroom.DSC_0024

Enjoy your weekend!! You will be able to find us camping out and admiring our new open space.

Eli’s Big Boy Room

Since our master suite is being redone (I can hear the hammers, saws, and drills as I type this), David and I need somewhere else to sleep.  We have a fully finished basement but I refuse to sleep in there for more reasons than one.  Dax’s nursery is obviously taken, and our 5th bedroom is being converted into a laundry room.  The only two options we have are the room that Eli currently sleeps in, and the room we are making into Eli’s big boy room. Since this poor child has been sleeping in a nasty room with cardboard for blinds, we only thought it was fair to start (and finish) his big boy room so that he has somewhere peaceful and clean to sleep in.  This was supposed to solve our “where are Carly and David going to sleep” problem.

I had some health stuff go on during the past month.  I was unable to lift Dax, Eli, or pretty much anything for 10 days.  Once the 10 days were over it still really hurt (and sometimes still does) to hold my babies.  David had to take time off to help and when he went back to work we had to hire somebody to help me around the house.  Once David got home at 5, he didn’t have time to work on Eli’s room because he had to do everything around here.  That being said, up until last week, he really couldn’t get started on Eli’s new room.  He pretty much had last weekend to do it.

Here are the before pictures. Our previous owners had 4 boys, and were obviously huge Cubs fans.  Apparently they thought it was a great idea to display their love for the Cubs through their paint choices.IMG_2823We had an electrician here to do work on the nursery, so he installed the light fixture in this room before we even started redoing it.IMG_2896IMG_2824You are going to be so amazed at what this room looks like now. While it’s mostly done (by mostly I mean paint and moldings), it looks incredible and it’s truly amazing what even just a new paint color can do to change the look of a room! Oh, and incase you are wondering, since the room isn’t complete, me, David, the dog, and the cat, are sleeping in Eli’s full sized bed and Eli is still in his temporary room. Too bad we aren’t snugglers!


If you are anything like me and David, you will totally understand the excitement we woke up with because today is demo day!! Any Chip and Joanna fans? You know you love Fixer Upper as much as we do! Anyway, today we are starting our renovation and I am excited, scared, anxious, and stressed all at the same time.

At first, I was really hoping for the downstairs to get done right away.  I am so over our kitchen and all of the boxes that are piled up in our family room that can’t be unpacked until the downstairs is completed.  However, our contractor thought it would be best to start upstairs.  He asked us where we would be living during the renovation and David and I both looked at each other, and then looked at him, and said “Here! Where else would we live?” Apparently it isn’t very common to live in the home during the remodels, however we just can’t afford to pay for a remodel, a mortgage, and rent/hotel costs.  We also have a toddler and baby to think about, as well as a dog and a cat, and I have some health stuff going on.  We thought it would just be more stressful to move out than to stay put.  Ask me again in a few months if this was the worst decision ever!

Anyway, once the contractor knew we would be living in the house, he thought that if they did the downstairs first, we wouldn’t really have a nice place to relax and destress from the chaos we are about to endure.  If we did the upstairs first, then we have a nice sancuatary to resort back to while they are redoing our entire downstairs.  I was skeptical at first, but now I think this is the best idea (again, ask me in a few months when this is all over!)

We have already hired out the nursery within a week of living here, and David is just about finished with our toddler (Eli’s) big boy room, so our projects upstairs will include:

  • Flooring
  • Moldings
  • Trim
  • Paint
  • Lighting
  • Building a laundry room
  • Master suite (closets, bedroom, bathroom)

Eventually David will redo the 4th bedroom into a guest room or it will become our baby (Dax’s) big boy room if we have a third child.  He will also eventually do the boy’s bathroom since it really only needs cosmetic updates.

Our contractor said it will take about 12 days to demo the master suite, and once that is completed we can get to the fun stuff.

Below are some pictures of what our master suite currently looks like.

*I just want to note that we really don’t live like messy humans as it might seem from these images.  There is a lack of storage which has made it really hard to organize and live like civilized human beings in this house.  So don’t mind (or judge) the mess in the photos please!

Master Bath:

This bathroom seems like it has not been done since the 70s.  Besides the tile, tub, fixtures, lighting, it is the choppiest bathroom I have been in.  Oh, and there is carpet! I never understand why the heck people put carpet in bathrooms.  Somebody please explain!

There is so much hard water and rotting on the shower head and the faucet, that every time we go to turn it off, chunks fall into the tub.  How I have been showering in this since June is beyond me. Everything in these photos is getting knocked out and we will have a beautiful clean walk in shower with a bench.DSC_0065DSC_0066DSC_0067The view of the toilet is from me standing on the tub.  That is how small this room is.  Besides the vent right below the toilet that blows freezing cold air at me while I am peeing in the middle of the night, the toilet also has the most bizarre spacing next to the wall.  We will move it over a little bit and depending on the demo, we may or may not add some type of door or separation from the toilet and shower.DSC_0068We only have one sink in the vanity and very little storage.  The door and wall attached to the vanity that you see here will all be gone.  We are going to have a long double vanity with custom storage to fit our needs. This first photo makes me laugh because this is how far the door leading to the toilet room will open.  It makes it a little bit of a struggle to get into the shower! Oh and fun fact, because the bathroom is so choppy and small, and the fan doesn’t work properly, all of our towels constantly smell like mildew since there is pretty much no ventilation.  Not gross at all.DSC_0085DSC_0081DSC_0078Here is the one and only walk in closet in the master.  Naturally, it’s mine, however it is being knocked down and will become our soaking tub.DSC_0082View into the master bedroomDSC_0084

Master Bedroom:

I spy our cat, Cheers! She wants to show you where the new walk in closet will be.  Pretty much the closet will go from the edge of the door frame, all the way to the window by the chair.  It is supposed to accommodate both David’s and my clothes, but we will see about that. We are going to move that same window over so we have more light in the room.DSC_0090DSC_0094DSC_0095Since we are using space from the other side of the room to build a walk in closet, we are going to knock out these closets and expand the room to give it the space back that we are taking away.DSC_0099DSC_0100Besides all of the fun things I already described, we will obviously be painting and replacing the flooring.  I am not sure if you noticed, but the only lighting that this room has is these two little bedside lamps, so we will add lighting, and a pretty fixture as well. We had pretty picture frame molding in Compass Pointe, so we know we want to do some type of moldings here too, just probably a bit more modern than before.DSC_0102DSC_0103

Take a good hard look at this current master suite, because pretty soon it will be gone and we will never ever look back! Excuse the unprofessional looking photos- besides the fact I don’t know anything about photography, it was really difficult to get somewhat decent photos since the layout is so choppy and there is obviously awful lighting.

Just One More House

Bristol Front

For those who already know us, you might be laughing at the title of our first post/ and the name of our blog.  If you don’t know us or our situation, I will give an introduction to our life and why we decided to create this blog. This post is going to be a long one, but I promise the rest will be shorter and contain more pictures!

To start, I’m Carly and my husband David and I just purchased our fourth home in Illinois.  We have moved 8 times and have lived in 4 states since we got engaged in 2010. David has been fortunate enough to get promoted quite a bit, but after 10 years with the same company, he decided to pursue a new career opportunity.  If that doesn’t sound crazy yet, we also had two babies along the way.  Our most recent baby decided to come early on the morning we had to close on our new house. Timing has never ever been on our side, but that is an entirely different blog itself.

3 of our 4 homes that we have owned have been new builds.  We built and designed our first home (let’s call that Scoria Lane), our second home (let’s call this one Owl Lane) was brand new but we bought it too late in the process to choose our own finishes, and our third home(Compass Pointe) we designed and got to pick and edit our floor plan.  Our friends and family always laugh and joke at us because we are known to build new homes but change them after we move in. In David’s terms we are “New Build Home Flippers”.

Let’s backtrack a little.  We moved into Owl Lane October 31, 2014, had our first son on November 21, David was promoted December 25, and we moved to Minnesota on February 19th to a hotel for a week, and then temporary housing.  After 4 months in less than ideal temp housing, we closed on Compass Pointe in June of 2015 and in July 2016, David decided it was time to leave his job which was the reason that we were in MN in the first place! He had a great job opportunity in Chicago that was honestly impossible to pass up.  The kicker to this change, is two days after he accepted the job, we found out I was pregnant again. We didn’t want to sell Compass Pointe right incase David hated the job, also it wasn’t a good time to sell in our neighborhood, so for 6 months I was pregnant and raising a crazy monster of a toddler in MN, while David lived, worked, and house hunted in Chicago alone, all while commuting  back and forth on the weekends.

This brings us to today!  We moved here May 3 and lived in an amazing temporary apartment until we were set to close on  June 1.  I think we had this vision that David and I  would be at the closing together, and have a smooth moving process.  We would unpack everything before the baby arrived, have his nursery done, the house cleaned… you get the point.  However, things never go according to plan, so we had to sort of wing it along the way.  I mean I wouldn’t really define “going into labor the morning of closing, having nobody to watch the toddler, and having to move 24 hours after the baby arrived” as going according to plan, would you?

When we purchased this house (or should I say when David purchased the house, since I never saw it before we put an offer on it), it looked very clean and well-kept. Shortly after we closed, we realized that maybe the house wasn’t in as good of shape as we anticipated.  Could it have been in worse shape? Of course, but there were a ton of things that needed to be done quickly in order to make it safe for the kids and as stress free as possible for my postpartum recovery.  For the first month or so, little but expensive things would pop up.  I mean, who knew you had to get your air ducts cleaned every year? Not us, maybe because we haven’t lived anywhere long enough to know that! Both David and I agreed that this house needed a full renovation, and fast, which leads us to why we started this blog! At first we thought just a kitchen reno and master bath, but it has turned into much more.

After 3 months of interviewing contractors and architects, we will finally be starting construction this week! I can’t even explain my excitement into words, also the fear.  Construction with an almost 4 month old and toddler who both nap…yikes!!  Most of the renovation will be hired out, but David will also be doing a lot of the work for easier jobs that don’t need to be done right this second. We are so used to just adding on and building character to our new build homes, that this is going to be a much more drastic process for us.  We have always been asked for updates on projects for our last three homes, and we figured this one would probably be the most exciting yet for you all to see. Although we are doing some major changes e.g. moving the kitchen to a different part of the house, we still want to be mindful about the changes we do incase we decide to sell one day. Once we really get to know the “village” we live in and have a better idea where we want to live, we have talked about building a custom home in 5 years as a true forever home but let’s be real…I have a feeling David will get the construction bug again and again, and again.  That, my friends, is why this blog name is so fitting.  Just like with kids, we keep saying that “this will be our last house”, but really, what is just one more, right?

Thanks for stopping by!!