Safety First

Eli is becoming taller and stronger every day.  Now that we have two kids, I can’t focus on Eli 100% of the time.  Dax naps multiple times a day and I can’t have Eli sit in the room with me while I put him down or else Dax will never go down.  Eli just doesn’t have the concept of “quiet” down quite yet.  His new favorite thing to do is to lean over the railing to look at what is happening downstairs.  My biggest fear is that I would be tending to Dax and Eli would have an accident over this railing.  So, David and I decided that it just was way too unsafe to keep our railing as is, we thought it would be best to build a half wall.  He shouldn’t be able to climb it or fall over it.

David is a man of all trades, but we learned that building this wall was a two man job. Thankfully my dad was in town last week and helped him build the wall.  We couldn’t be more appreciative of his help last week because this project wouldn’t have gotten done.

Here is the progress for the wall.  It doesn’t look like much now, but it’s going to be beautiful when it’s done.  I have lots of ideas and I can’t wait to execute some of them!


Gray Tint

First of all, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Our threenager made it difficult to fully enjoy ours, but the food was amazing.

We are in full on remodel mode now that the holiday is over.  Apparently our house will be done in two weeks.  Not sure I believe this, but fingers crossed I guess. Things are a little stressful as we have people working on every floor in the house.  No place to hide! Our room still isn’t complete which is a little frustrating. No, that’s a lie, it’s really frustrating, but I keep telling myself it will all be worth it. At least I am able to shower in my new bathroom, and let me tell you, it is amazing.

Since the bathroom is about 98% complete, and the floors in our room are also about 98% complete, our contractor agreed that it was a good idea for David to start painting our bedroom.

I think I talked about my love for Repose Gray before, but if not, let me recap.  I love Repose Gray.  We used it in our last house and it was amazing.  Unfortunately the natural light in this house isn’t great, so Repose just doesn’t work.

We decided on Benjamin Moore Gray Tint for our master bedroom.  It is not too light not too dark and it is the perfect shade of gray with our lighting. I am loving the paint and we are just one step closer to the master being completed! Since my family was here last week, we did move our mattress into our room, so we have been sleeping there and it’s a complete mess with all of the paint supplies and not having our closet finished.

Our goal, or my goal, is to start really moving in this week and be officially moved in by next weekend.  We finally ordered our window treatments, our light, some bathroom accessories, sheets, towels, etc.  I don’t want to show it off until it looks complete, although with us nothing is ever complete because I am constantly changing my style and my mind on how I want things. Poor David!


3 Years Old

Since we have had some family members here since last week, I haven’t been able to write much about the house.  But don’t worry lot’s of updates coming soon.

I just have to take a second to say Happy Birthday, Eli! I can’t believe I have a 3 year old, it really goes by so fast.  So much has happened in the past 3 years.  We are officially hitting the threenager stage and it is pretty yucky, but we love him anyways.  We had SO much fun at his birthday party over the weekend and can’t wait to celebrate him all day!




The Wall is Down

Even though today is Monday, it’s a short week because of the holiday and it’s Eli’s birthday, so I am looking forward to this week! We have been enjoying our time with family, and are sad to see them go tomorrow!

After so much anticipation, the wall that separates our current kitchen from our future kitchen is finally down! I think I was expecting this crazy demo experience just like you see on HGTV, but it really wasn’t that dramatic or eventful.  Honestly, I was putting Dax to sleep and by the time I went downstairs to clean his bottle, the wall was down. The room looks absolutely huge.  We are going to have one massive kitchen.  Although, we thought that the master bathroom was going to be huge too and after the shower, tub, and cabinets went in, we realized it really isn’t big at all.  At least this kitchen will be larger than Compass Pointe. For now, the only stressful part of the kitchen remodel is that we are using our dining room/office as our eating area.  Since we are basically building a new kitchen, we can use our current kitchen as long as possible which is really helpful.  The downside is that because our new kitchen is being built, our storage room for all of our kitchen appliances is gone.  This means every single kitchen appliance we own is in our tiny kitchen, and without a pantry- there literally is zero space.  It’s sort of a nightmare but I am so thankful to still be able to use our kitchen. Now we have some serious decisions to make like how many recessed lights we want, how many pendants we want above the island, what size our table will be, faucets, backsplash, etc! Oh my!

It’s been a real struggle taking good pictures these days.  The workers are here during the day, and there is no lights right now.  So obviously it being almost winter, it is really dark by the time the workers leave!

Here you can see where the wall used to be that separated the kitchen from the family roomDSC_0001These picture are taken from our current kitchen looking into the new kitchenDSC_0004DSC_0005This is the wall that separates our new kitchen from what will be our family room.  The wall is getting expanded as much as possible to give it that “open” layout.DSC_0006

Laundry Room Progress

We need to move everything out of our current downstairs laundry ASAP so that it can be demolished and our new mudroom could be built.  That being said, Eli’s big boy room is on hold…still. Dax’s room is also still not completed, and our room still needs to be painted.  Just when you think one thing is a priority, another pops up.  So, David started another project- the laundry room.  I mentioned before that the contractors did all of the plumbing, but David is doing everything else.  In order for them to move the washing machine and dryer upstairs, the floors need to be done.  David actually started last week and when the contractor was looking at them, he noticed some changes that needed to be made.  Luckily David didn’t get too far so it was an easy fix.  This past weekend he started the tiling and it took a bit longer than we anticipated.  He didn’t get really far, but now that he knows what he is doing, it should be an easy process.  I think it is going to look really cute in there.  We just need to decide on what color cabinets we want, grout, and what type of backsplash we want too.  I just can’t make up my mind! Happy Friday!IMG_4358IMG_4371IMG_4372

Goodbye 70’s Panneling

We weren’t totally expecting to start our new kitchen last week, but the workers move quick, so I really should have expected it since the upstairs is winding down.  Last Thursday they started demolishing our current family room/future kitchen. This room was pretty  much our giant storage room.  So many boxes, junk, and even some kitchen stuff that didn’t fit in our current kitchen.  It seriously is a disaster in there.  On Wednesday night they told us to pretty much empty the room out because they were starting Thursday.  I think I assumed they were just measuring, taking some stuff down, maybe starting to take down the paneling, but they full on starting to demo it.

The room had some lovely dark brown 70s paneling and I was so relieved to see what the room looked like without it.   I was shocked at how much bigger the room already looked just because the darkness was gone! So impressed.

I am not sure if I want to admit this but the one thing I will miss here is the beams.  I thought they were really pretty and all they needed was to be painted, but with us knocking down a wall in the future, it didn’t work to keep them.  The room would have looked off balance.  Our contractor also said that aesthetically the ceilings are not tall enough to have beams, and that they make the room look smaller.  He’s usually right so I trusted him and was happy they were knocking them down.

You can see how much the look of the room changed just from taking down the paneling, crazy right? This week they are knocking down the wall that separates our current kitchen from our future kitchen.  No words can describe my excitement for this, and my nerves.  We have a bunch of family coming in this week/ next weekend and I am still trying to figure out the logistics of how this will all work.

Before paneling was removed:DSC_0027DSC_0028DSC_0030DSC_0031After paneling was removed:IMG_4328IMG_4325IMG_4326IMG_4327

Walking Barefoot

So many updates, so little time.  Let’s start this cold Monday with some flooring updates! For starters, we no longer have to walk with hard sole shoes downstairs!!! We can officially walk barefoot.  This is huge. The downstairs floors are pretty much done- minus our current and future.  Those floors will be done once the new kitchen is built and the old kitchen is demolished (which is happening this week!).

I think that the floors look fabulous, once the trim is in and the house is painted it will come together so much better.  Right now it is a little hard for me to see past the awful paint colors, the fact that the doors are not in yet, and all of the other details that make it all come together, but David assured me it will look complete soon!DSC_0012DSC_0015

Moving on Up

I am pretty sure I mentioned this before, but if not I will now.  I hate having my laundry room downstairs.  In new builds, laundry rooms are often built upstairs, so that is really all we know.  In this home, the laundry room is right off of the garage and I can’t even explain what a hassle it is.  I know, first world problems, but with 2 kids (one who poops through his clothes 238927483 times a day), and loads and loads and loads of laundry, having the laundry room in this location is just such an inconvenience.  Since this house is 5 bedrooms upstairs, we figured we would convert the smallest room into a laundry room because it really is too small to use as a bedroom.  The room was a fully paneled room which made it look dark and dated.  That was obviously the first thing to go after the carpet was ripped out.  There was some damage to the drywall under the paneling, so instead of replacing the drywall, I think we might do shiplap but we are still going back and forth on it.  I feel like I am losing sleep over these decisions more and more every week!DSC_0123DSC_0125When we decided on moving the laundry upstairs, we first thought that we would tap into the plumbing from the boys’ bathroom, but our contractor thought the washing machine and dryer should go on the other wall, so they built a false wall to make all of the plumbing work. To save some money, David will be doing the floors, cabinets, and painting.  Honestly at this point, I don’t even care what the room looks like, I just am looking forward to not walking up and down the stairs all day in between laundry loads!5458F624-1675-4F8C-BF25-4B34DB12728150C7C110-F86D-44DB-83AE-38174713C875Happy Friday, I hope you have a much more easy laundry experience this weekend than I will have!

Flooring Update

Last week was a long, loud, and dusty week at the house.  We had to remove all of our tiles in order to install the new floors.  The problem was that the tiles were glued down which made it 10x more difficult, loud, and messy for them to demo. We kept the original hardwoods in the dining room and family room because it will be easier to lay the new floors over it rather than demo those as well.  Our floor guy had to install plywood in order for the new floors to all flow.  I didn’t want to have thresholds in each room and even though it upped our budget to demo the tile and lay the plywood, I think it will flow so much better.  Totally worth it.  Not the prettiest update, but here are pictures of the floor progress…so ready for the new floors!B5041D05-37AA-4174-A749-C695F0D59984117A3D88-17D0-4EF8-A3EE-DDFDEF889400E00A08A5-C71C-4F51-B462-078885CE87C0


Almost There

Monday is here again which means I am so excited because more work on the house will be done.  The bathroom is looking awesome and we are so close to the finish line- my tub is calling my name!  So much progress last week.  The cabinets went in, our mirrors and vanity lights were installed, the toilet and tub are in, and half of the shower door arrived as well. It is hard to remember what the bathroom used to look like, but that is not a bad thing! The only concern that I truly have for the bathroom is the size.  I thought it would be significantly larger than it is, and it’s probably the smallest bathroom we have ever had.  The plus is, it is a very functional bathroom.  We have so much storage, two sinks, a tub and a shower, and a separate giant walk in closet instead of the tiny one that used to be in the previous master bathroom.  We are so used to storing some of our toiletries and other bathroom necessities in Eli’s bathroom or a guest bathroom, so it will be nice to have it all in one place. I would be counting down the days until we can use it and move back into the master, but I still don’t have an accurate timeline.  Hopefully soon, especially since we have family coming to stay with us in two weeks!