Laundry Room Progress

We need to move everything out of our current downstairs laundry ASAP so that it can be demolished and our new mudroom could be built.  That being said, Eli’s big boy room is on hold…still. Dax’s room is also still not completed, and our room still needs to be painted.  Just when you think one thing is a priority, another pops up.  So, David started another project- the laundry room.  I mentioned before that the contractors did all of the plumbing, but David is doing everything else.  In order for them to move the washing machine and dryer upstairs, the floors need to be done.  David actually started last week and when the contractor was looking at them, he noticed some changes that needed to be made.  Luckily David didn’t get too far so it was an easy fix.  This past weekend he started the tiling and it took a bit longer than we anticipated.  He didn’t get really far, but now that he knows what he is doing, it should be an easy process.  I think it is going to look really cute in there.  We just need to decide on what color cabinets we want, grout, and what type of backsplash we want too.  I just can’t make up my mind! Happy Friday!IMG_4358IMG_4371IMG_4372

2 thoughts on “Laundry Room Progress

  1. Looking great so far. What was the budget going into this? I keep my laundry equipment in the basement just in case a leak is sprung I don’t want my ceilings to collapse in on me. But I’m interested in sprucing it up a bit and was curious as to how much this is set to cost you once all said and done.

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    • Thanks! So smart for keeping laundry in the basement. We have only had laundry upstairs so it’s really all we know and with two kids and constantly doing laundry I can’t imagine it any other way at this point!
      We were actually really lucky and the new laundry room happened to be in a perfect location plumbing wise. We were able to tap into our old laundry room so the contractor charged us around 2000 to do all of the plumbing. We spent a couple hundred bucks on the floor tiles which my husband is installing and we will be getting some lower cabs and do open shelving on top- hoping to spend less than 1000 for all of that!


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