Dog Run Progress

This week really felt like it was super long.  Maybe it is the anticipation for a short week next week.  David’s brother is in town this weekend, so I doubt we will get much done.  I would say that we could use him for help with certain projects, but he isn’t really the handy type. So we shall see what happens!

Last weekend David made a little bit more progress on the dog run.  One side is completed, and one side is almost done but he ran out of materials mid way through.

So far, the dog has been enjoying marking his territory on the posts, now if only he will poop out there!

Our Personal Landfill Part 2

If you read my last post, I’m sure the suspense has been killing you. Haha ok maybe not. Anyway, if you didn’t read the post; I’ll sum it up for you. We have too much trash and other crap in our garage. So much that we look like creepy hoarders and need a dumpster to help load it all. It started off being somewhat tolerable, but I finally am at my wit’s end with it.

Now that we recapped on that…

David was getting the stroller out of the garage before Eli’s golf class, and when he went to close it, it broke. Big time.

David went to check on what the problem was, and it looked like the roller came off the track. Seemed like an easy fix, but of course we underestimated the problem.

We had to leave for golf, with the garage wide opened, and our embarrassing hoard like mess.

I went onto Thumbtack and found a guy to come fix it ASAP.  He charged a small fee to come out, and that went towards any materials. We had about 3.5 hours until he was going to come out to fix it, so David had to clean the garage out in that short time period in order to make space for the repair guy. He cleared a lot out before the repair guy arrived, and it looked 10x better than earlier that morning.

The verdict on te garage was that the system was completely broken.  He also told us that it looked like the garage was previously repaired, and they did the repairs incorrectly.  Doesnt surprise me at all to be honest. So after $500.00, we have a semi clean garage, and a brand new garage system that we could connect to our wi-fi.  It is pretty cool, but what would be even cooler, is new garage doors.  Our doors are so cheap looking and old, but until we do the exterior of the house, it just doesn’t make sense to repair them.  Next year!

Here is a little bit of what David accomplished in 3.5 hours.

Our Personal Landfill Part 1

Well, this weekend had some unexpected events with the house. It’s always something.

This post is embarrassing to write, but here it goes. As you already know by now, David is a little bad at estimating how long any project will take. He thought certain rooms would be done months ago, so he was proactive and we purchased all of the materials and supplies months ago. It’s great to think ahead, but it’s not so great to fill our garage with boxes of stuff such as tools, cabinets, shelving, dry wall, more cabinets, more shelving, more boxes. You get the point.

All of this stuff has literally taken up the majority of the garage. It’s all piled in the middle. To the right of this massive pile is all of the boxes from our move that we still have yet to unpack. What should be a walkway on the other side has become our personal landfill.

This landfill in our garage is the most disturbing thing I’ve seen, it looks like a scene from hoarders I’m not even kidding. It is a safety hazard and probably so unsanitary I can’t even explain. Obviously I try not to set foot in there, or allow the kids near there.

The problem isn’t that we are nasty messy people, well maybe Dax is, but that’s another story. The problem is that we are constantly receiving boxes and packages for more reasons than I can explain, so we have more trash and empty boxes than we can keep up with on trash day. Because of all of the unopened crap in the garage, we don’t really have a place to leave all of the trash, so it’s been accumulating and piling up and up and up and up and has officially taken over the garage.

Obviously on trash day David takes as much as humanly possible out to the bins, we even signed up for a second trash day, but it still isn’t enough and we just can’t keep up.

Last week I was at my wits end with this situation. I had to load both kids into the car in the pouring rain, I needed something out of the deep freezer that I couldn’t get to. I started researching companies to just send a dumpster to get rid of all of the trash and be done with it so that I could park the car in the garage, and get to the deep freezer. The quotes I saw were astronomical, but so worth it. David disagreed though. He said he had a plan and the trash will be gone soon. Right.

Fortunately for me, I kind of sort of won this battle. We had a little incident with the garage this weekend that made David have to pause on the rest of his 27364848 projects. I’ll get to that in part two, but until then…enjoy this hot mess we have been hiding behind our garage doors. And just so you are aware, this is after David did some major cleaning in it and took out all of the cabinets and boxes. I just couldn’t possibly take a picture of what it looked like before.

Oh, and please no judging!!

When a 3 Year Old Needs Privacy

Eli was never the type of kid who demanded privacy. He’s pretty open and free, and he’s definitely extremely confident. With all of the disgusting things going on in the world, we have been spending time explaining how important privacy is, and who and who can’t touch him.

Unfortunately, Eli and Dax’s bathroom door wasn’t installed. Eli will spend a good 5-10 minutes after lunch each day going to the bathroom. He likes to sit on his toilet, look out the window, and talk about the birds and the trees, and our neighbors’ yards, but lately, Eli’s peaceful time on the potty has become disrupted by hurricane Dax.

Since there is no door- Dax does whatever it takes to crawl his way into the bathroom and harass Eli. I can’t even explain how annoying he is to him, so when Eli gets frustrated I totally understand why. Lately, Eli has been begging David to put up the door. He literally asks “Daddy, can you please put the door up so Dax stops bothering me? Pleaseeeeeeee!” I can ask David to do something 2837384874 times, but when Eli asks just once, shit gets done!!!

Things have already become so much easier now that Dax isn’t able to get into the bathroom. However, we came across two snags.

First, since we haven’t renovated the boys’ bathroom yet, the floors are at a different level/ height then the hallway floors. David had to cut the door to work with the current floors, but once we redo that bathroom and its floors, there will be a giant gap from the bottom of the door to the new floors. We decided that we will just have to replace the door yet again once we renovate the bathroom. It might cost more, but it will save so much time and craziness, it’s so worth it.

The next issue we came across was that there’s a giant crack in the door. David didn’t notice until he installed it, so now he can’t return it. He will most likely be able to fill it, and since we decided to replace the door once the bathroom is redone anyway- this really isn’t too big of an issue. Just annoying more than anything.

Even though only 3 out of 5 of the bedrooms are (mostly) complete upstairs, at least we can close the doors to hide the chaos behind them!

Now that the door is up, hopefully we can get it painted this weekend. By we I obviously mean David!

Dog Run

A dog run really hasn’t been a priority to us with all of the other stuff we have going on. However, with the dog still going potty in the house at least once a day, it was time to get this dog run started.

We truly need our yard completely redone, but that just isn’t happening this year. The dog run might have to change when we redo the yard, but for now, this will hopefully work. Even if it doesn’t, David’s making the fence really cute, unlike the nasty wiring he has up now. Poor neighbors probably feel like they are looking at such an eye sore when they look into our yard.

David put up posts this past weekend. Eli helped him mix the cement, so hopefully they stay up. Kidding. Maybe. He started nailing the wood to the posts once it set.

One mistake we made at compass pointe (which David didn’t tell me until last weekend) was that we didn’t use pressure treated  wood. It all makes sense now, we remember the paint peeling and the wood chipping and cracking shortly after building it. With the wood we are using this time around, it will surely remain put together.

Father’s Day 2018

I hope you all had a great Father’s Day weekend!

It was so beyond hot here that it put a damper on my plans since we couldn’t be outside. We also didn’t have the best experiences with the restaurants we ate at (service or food). I made some amazing dessert bars though, so I think that made all of the hiccups less noticeable.

David truly is the best dad. He does everything and anything, but mostly everything for this family, and we couldn’t be more grateful and appreciative of him 🖤

Clearing out the Mudroom

While there are still so many big things to do in this house, there are also a lot of small things.  To start, there are zero pictures up anywhere.  I know that sounds like such a dumb thing, but to me, pictures make a house a home.  We also have spent thousands in photographers, so you bet your bottom I will have those pictures displayed!!

The next thing that bothers me, and it is so petty, but there is no place to put our shoes.  We have a pretty small foyer and entry way, so when we put 4 pairs of shoes at the door, it becomes messy and cluttered. Not to mention, one of us is always tripping over them.  In normal homes, people would put their shoes in their mud rooms or whatever room is off of their garage.

We can’t use our garage at the moment, so we decided to clear the mud room by going through this hot mess, and re boxing and organizing everything.  This really kills two birds with one stone because it gave us the opportunity to find all of our decor and pictures to put up around the house, and it also gives us a pretty empty mud room to place our shoes in so nobody gets hurt.

Now that the mud room is cleaned out, I think I know what I want our next major project to be…

Not sure how much we will get done with Father’s Day this weekend, but knowing David, he will want to work on something. Have a great Father’s Day weekend!

Closet Doors

We had such a great time with family and celebrating my ONE year old’s birthday! He loves to eat and has never had sugar up until his birthday party, lets just say he wasn’t amused. I was really shocked actually.

Now that things are starting to calm down, I have some progress to share.  Eli’s room is complete, yes you read that correctly.  It has been a long long long time coming, but it looks amazing and we all love it so much. Once I fill all of his picture frames, I will share the adorable room with you.

As you all know by now how much my dog pees everywhere. It is just so beyond annoying, but I don’t really blame him.  He is probably stressed, plus he’s an old man.  Not sure if you have ever seen or listened to an 11 year old pug, but they are literally like grumpy old men! So cute.  What’s not cute, is the fact he likes to pee on anything that isn’t wood floor.  He was so used to peeing all over the carpet, and we ripped that out months ago.  Now, his only option is the carpeted basement (which is closed off so he can’t pee in there anymore), or on piles of clothes, towels, sheets, etc.  No, we don’t keep piles of stuff on the floor, however closets tend to have all of those items in them, and our closets have no doors.  Are you piecing his together yet? The pug goes to all of the doorless closets, and pees on everything he can possibly lift his leg on.  It’s been fun to deal with.

When our photographer came to take Dax’s one year photos, and my family coming in for Dax’s birthday, it was time to get those closets up and running. David managed to put up all of the doors except for in Dax’s room.  With Dax’s nap schedule, it’s hard to get in there to put the finishing touches on his room.

The doors look great, and make the halls and Eli’s room look so much more complete. They still need moldings to cover the track, some readjusting, and hardware, but the fact the dog can’t pee on everything anymore is a win for me!

I am looking forward to a weekend of getting more stuff done! Happy Friday!