Dog Run

A dog run really hasn’t been a priority to us with all of the other stuff we have going on. However, with the dog still going potty in the house at least once a day, it was time to get this dog run started.

We truly need our yard completely redone, but that just isn’t happening this year. The dog run might have to change when we redo the yard, but for now, this will hopefully work. Even if it doesn’t, David’s making the fence really cute, unlike the nasty wiring he has up now. Poor neighbors probably feel like they are looking at such an eye sore when they look into our yard.

David put up posts this past weekend. Eli helped him mix the cement, so hopefully they stay up. Kidding. Maybe. He started nailing the wood to the posts once it set.

One mistake we made at compass pointe (which David didn’t tell me until last weekend) was that we didn’t use pressure treated  wood. It all makes sense now, we remember the paint peeling and the wood chipping and cracking shortly after building it. With the wood we are using this time around, it will surely remain put together.

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