You’ve Got Mail

Our mailbox is ridiculous looking.  It’s such an eyesore, but we really didn’t want to replace it until we do the entire exterior.  Last weekend we decided to pull the trigger and order a new one.  There are so many gorgeous mailboxes out there, but they come at a hefty price! We decided that we really don’t want to spend 800.00 on a mailbox now or ever.  First, we don’t even know if we will be in this house forever.  Second, I would hate to spend that kind of money on a mailbox and then if we for some reason don’t decide to do the exterior, the new mailbox doesn’t match the style of the house.

We ended up finding a great inexpensive mailbox on Wayfair.  I was surprised how I excited I was when it arrived to set it up, but left with disappointment when we opened the box.  For starters, it was beyond cheap looking.  It looked nothing like the picture, and it honestly looked like it could be a children’s toy.  Well, a giant children’s toy.  The color was nothing like the picture either.  However, in Wayfair’s defense, the description said bronze even though it looked black in the picture.  David was the one who ordered it, so maybe he needs his glasses prescription re-checked, or maybe he just didn’t read the description at all.  Regardless, we had to return it, and we are still left with this lame mailbox. My mission this week is to find another inexpensive one, and I will read the description before ordering!

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