Our favorite room of this house was by far the nursery.  We were so in love with the Owl Lane nursery that we knew we wanted to pretty much do the same thing in this house, with a few minor tweaks.

During construction:IMG_9069After moving in, David got started on adding sconces and wainscoting to the nursery right away.DSC_1432DSC_0199The nursery turned out better than we both could have imagine.  David learned a few lessons from this product.  It took about 10x longer than it should have because he used oak for the moldings.  It needed to be sanded down and primed over and over before painting to get the grainy look out of the wood.  This was a week long process that could have been a day long.  It still ended up looking beautiful, but he won’t make that mistake again!DSC_0002x2I also fell in love with these hexagon shelves, but everywhere we looked charged hundreds for just one, and even those weren’t the size or exact color we wanted.  David decided to build some instead for less than 100 dollars. Score!DSC_0018You may or may not be able to notice, but the mirror looks like a yellowish white in this photo.  After hanging it up we realized it was an off white, so we ended up painting it, we just didn’t take a picture of it once it was painted.DSC_0022DSC_0032