Just One More House

Bristol Front

For those who already know us, you might be laughing at the title of our first post/ and the name of our blog.  If you don’t know us or our situation, I will give an introduction to our life and why we decided to create this blog. This post is going to be a long one, but I promise the rest will be shorter and contain more pictures!

To start, I’m Carly and my husband David and I just purchased our fourth home in Illinois.  We have moved 8 times and have lived in 4 states since we got engaged in 2010. David has been fortunate enough to get promoted quite a bit, but after 10 years with the same company, he decided to pursue a new career opportunity.  If that doesn’t sound crazy yet, we also had two babies along the way.  Our most recent baby decided to come early on the morning we had to close on our new house. Timing has never ever been on our side, but that is an entirely different blog itself.

3 of our 4 homes that we have owned have been new builds.  We built and designed our first home (let’s call that Scoria Lane), our second home (let’s call this one Owl Lane) was brand new but we bought it too late in the process to choose our own finishes, and our third home(Compass Pointe) we designed and got to pick and edit our floor plan.  Our friends and family always laugh and joke at us because we are known to build new homes but change them after we move in. In David’s terms we are “New Build Home Flippers”.

Let’s backtrack a little.  We moved into Owl Lane October 31, 2014, had our first son on November 21, David was promoted December 25, and we moved to Minnesota on February 19th to a hotel for a week, and then temporary housing.  After 4 months in less than ideal temp housing, we closed on Compass Pointe in June of 2015 and in July 2016, David decided it was time to leave his job which was the reason that we were in MN in the first place! He had a great job opportunity in Chicago that was honestly impossible to pass up.  The kicker to this change, is two days after he accepted the job, we found out I was pregnant again. We didn’t want to sell Compass Pointe right incase David hated the job, also it wasn’t a good time to sell in our neighborhood, so for 6 months I was pregnant and raising a crazy monster of a toddler in MN, while David lived, worked, and house hunted in Chicago alone, all while commuting  back and forth on the weekends.

This brings us to today!  We moved here May 3 and lived in an amazing temporary apartment until we were set to close on  June 1.  I think we had this vision that David and I  would be at the closing together, and have a smooth moving process.  We would unpack everything before the baby arrived, have his nursery done, the house cleaned… you get the point.  However, things never go according to plan, so we had to sort of wing it along the way.  I mean I wouldn’t really define “going into labor the morning of closing, having nobody to watch the toddler, and having to move 24 hours after the baby arrived” as going according to plan, would you?

When we purchased this house (or should I say when David purchased the house, since I never saw it before we put an offer on it), it looked very clean and well-kept. Shortly after we closed, we realized that maybe the house wasn’t in as good of shape as we anticipated.  Could it have been in worse shape? Of course, but there were a ton of things that needed to be done quickly in order to make it safe for the kids and as stress free as possible for my postpartum recovery.  For the first month or so, little but expensive things would pop up.  I mean, who knew you had to get your air ducts cleaned every year? Not us, maybe because we haven’t lived anywhere long enough to know that! Both David and I agreed that this house needed a full renovation, and fast, which leads us to why we started this blog! At first we thought just a kitchen reno and master bath, but it has turned into much more.

After 3 months of interviewing contractors and architects, we will finally be starting construction this week! I can’t even explain my excitement into words, also the fear.  Construction with an almost 4 month old and toddler who both nap…yikes!!  Most of the renovation will be hired out, but David will also be doing a lot of the work for easier jobs that don’t need to be done right this second. We are so used to just adding on and building character to our new build homes, that this is going to be a much more drastic process for us.  We have always been asked for updates on projects for our last three homes, and we figured this one would probably be the most exciting yet for you all to see. Although we are doing some major changes e.g. moving the kitchen to a different part of the house, we still want to be mindful about the changes we do incase we decide to sell one day. Once we really get to know the “village” we live in and have a better idea where we want to live, we have talked about building a custom home in 5 years as a true forever home but let’s be real…I have a feeling David will get the construction bug again and again, and again.  That, my friends, is why this blog name is so fitting.  Just like with kids, we keep saying that “this will be our last house”, but really, what is just one more, right?

Thanks for stopping by!!